about us

We spent over 25 years combined as nightclub DJ’s in Toronto and gave it all up to create a quiet homestead on the west coast of Cape Breton Island. We moved here in April of 2017 and began living off the land, detached from the grid, using our 4 acre oceanfront lot as a blank canvas to build our dream home.

We worked to prepare our land with our 1979 tractor, laying ground for a 1500 ft driveway winding through the forest to the ocean. We lived in a fifth wheel trailer without heat, running water, or any amenities for 6 months. We had intended to travel back to Toronto for winters to DJ until we had completed building our house, but we fell too in love with this place to re-adapt to city life. In one crazy weekend we fulfilled a lifelong dream of getting a dog (our adorable Border Collie, Griffey) and bought The Green House.

With over 50 countries visited between us our love of travelling, meeting people, and experiencing other cultures defines us. We’re avid photographers who have been traversing picturesque landscapes chasing the perfect sunset until we settled here in our own paradise. We’re carving out a sustainable future for ourselves in a stunning rural community that inspires us to create art & music. We welcome travelers from all over the world to our rentals and will do anything to make your experience on the Cabot Trail unforgettable!